Stripper Charged For Killing 3 Teens In Miami DUI Crash


An exotic dancer from South Florida has been charged for killing three teenagers during a DUI crash in Miami, the Miami Herald+ reports. Police said that Mariam Coulibaly was driving with a suspended license when she drove at high speed into a sidewalk where she ended up killing three teenagers. She suffered a shattered hip among other injuries, sending her to Aventura hospital.

“I’m very much depressed about everything going on,” she said. “I came from a blackout. When I woke up I didn’t even know that I hurt people.”

Toxicology reports revealed that she was driving under the influence. Police have been watching her during her hospitalization and will arrest her when she’s discharged.

Coulibaly has a lengthy history with reckless driving. Since 2008, she’s racked up 42 traffic infractions. At least seven of those stem from previous car crashes.

Following the crash that killed the three teenagers, the Miami police department refused to identify Coulibaly as the driver. Many outlets already revealed her identity but the department has continued to stay silent.

“The world knows the names of these three boys that were killed,” said Brett Rosen, the lawyer representing the three teenagers who were killed int he accident. “But for some reason, we’re protecting the name of the murderer? That doesn’t make any sense.”

We’ll keep you posted on updates about this story.