Streams of The Cars Songs Rise 643% Following Ric Ocasek’s Death


Following the death of The Cars’ frontman Ric Ocasek’s death on Sept. 15, on-demand streams of his band’s songs vaulted 643% in the U.S., according to initial reports to Nielsen Music.

The Cars’ songs were streamed 11.2 million times on Sept. 15 and 16, up from 1.5 million on Sept. 13 and 14 — a gain of 643%.

On Sept. 13, the group’s collected tunes were streamed 787,000 times. Then on Sept. 14, the sum was 720,000. That number vaulted to 2.5 million Sept. 15, the day of Ocasek’s passing, then to 8.7 million on Sept. 16, as news spread widely about his death. Fans continued to streams the act’s music in high volume in the continuing days: on Sept. 17 they net 4.5 million clicks, and on Sept. 18 the sum totaled 2.9 million.

In total, for Sept. 15-18, The Cars’ songs tallied more than 18.6 million on-demand streams. The band’s top five most streamed songs in that time period: “Drive” (1.9 million), “Just What I Needed” (1.7 million), “Magic” (1.1 million), “Good Times Roll” (1.1 million) and “My Best Friend’s Girl” (1 million).

It’s expected the band’s catalog of songs and albums will impact various Billboard charts dated Sept. 28, reflecting the sales and streaming tracking week of Sept. 13-19.