Stream Donald Glover & Rihanna’s “Guava Island” Film


Donald Glover has been teasing a new film, co-starring Rihanna, for quite some time now. And it’s finally arrived! “Guava Island” is out now as a limited free stream on Amazon, starting today! The film was shot in Cuba and inspired by the 2002 Brazilian crime film, “City of God,” and Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The plot centers on Deni Maroon, played by Glover, who is a local celebrity who hosts a music festival on a mysterious island. Rihanna, who plays Kof No, is Glover’s on-screen partner and the two make for a dynamic duo.

Written by Glover’s brother, Stephen, “Guava Island, was also directed by Hiro Murai – who was responsible for Glover’s “This Is America” music video and episodes of “Atlanta.”

You can stream “Guava Island” on Amazon!