Stream Cray’s Deeply Personal ‘Seasons Change And So Do I’ EP: Exclusive


Producer, singer and songwriter Cray has always stood out from the crowd, thanks to a strong sense of honesty and storytelling. The Canadian-born artist and live-stream gamer made a name for herself with trap sounds, but soon expanded with her own blend of empowering lyrics and genre-less sounds. Today (Oct. 14), that shape-shifting identity blooms in a dark, dance-pop EP called Seasons Change And So Do I.

"Change and growth is important for any human to go through and shouldn't be seen as a negative thing," Cray tells Billboard Dance. "Like seasons change, for better or for worse, so do we, and that's the message I wanted to portray."

The seven-track collection was written over about a year and a half period, during which Cray ended a relationship and struggled through a journey of self-acceptance. It works through a few different moods, all centered around a theme of letting go of people and things you've outgrown to make room for your truest self.

"It's very much like a diary," she says, "and that's why the artwork is hand made and the songs have dates next to them — to explain the journey of when I wrote them. This EP is almost a story of falling out of love with someone and back into love with themselves. It's angry, sad, hopeful and powerful. My inspiration for this is directly from my experiences and my writing, each song is personal and true to me and the writing process was emotional for me but very therapeutic as well."

The opening title track and haunted hooptie rattler "Eat Your Heart Out" play with spooky, creepy crawler moods. Ballads "Raining Pouring" and the experimental "Once I'm Older" celebrate this new beginning, while synth-heavy standout "Idontwannatalkaboutlove" sees Cray take charge of her own power and owning her path to success. 

"I have so much to say, and I really wanted to start making records with predominant vocals," she says. "As I was diving into that direction it lead me to creating this indie pop electronic hybrid that I completely fell in love with."

Seasons Change And So Do I is out everywhere Tuesday, Oct. 15, on Ultra Records, but you can listen to the EP in full a day early below, exclusively on Billboard Dance. 

Cray Tour Dates 2019
Oct. 16 — Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo 
Oct. 23 — New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge 
Oct. 25 — New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music + Arts Experience
Oct. 26 — Byars, OK @ Daybreak Festival 
Noc. 9 — Tucson, AZ @ DUSK Music Festival