Stray Kids Talk About How Things Have Changed Since Their K-Pop Debut


Korean boy band Stray Kids, the latest group from “Big 3” K-pop label JYP Entertainment, spoke a bit at KCON 2018 NY about how things have changed over the past few months for them, ever since they released their first formal album, I am not, in March.

"Back then, when I was a trainee just practicing with the team, we worked really hard and we tried to show as much our hard work, and we really practiced a lot back then,” said Felix on June 23 at KCON 2018 NY. “Now, since we’re on music shows and being able to show our side it's really -- it’s very heartwarming. Having to perform like this is -- I feel very honored."

The nine-member act talked about a variety topics during the KCON 2018 NY STAR Live Talk with Billboard, including which member had changed the most. According to Stray Kids’ Seungmin, it is the group’s youngest member, 17-year-old I.N, who has “grown up a lot” visually between the team’s start and now.

Stray Kids was one five K-pop artists that performed at the first day KCON 2018 NY, held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on June 23-24.