Stray Kids Share Minimalist ‘Chronosaurus’ Watch


K-pop boy band Stray Kids shared a new music video for their song “Chronosaurus” on Monday (April 15).

The minimalist video shifts between scenes of the members of the group sitting in chairs facing forward as clocks tick behind them, and moments where they each individually face down the camera. It ties into the song's title, which is a hybrid of the word "Chronos," the personification of time in Greek mythology, and "saurus," the scientific ending attached to names of reptiles, most typically associated with dinosaurs.

Instead of a convoluted plot, the clip is set up to emphasize the song and the group's expressive vocal displays. The tune opens up with haunting tick-tocks of the clock before turning into the trap-infused song about humanity’s morose relationship with time as it passes.

The video follows the song’s release at the end of March on Stray Kids’ Clé 1: Miroh album. The EP landed the group at No. 3 on the World Albums chart (dated April 6).

Stray Kids will perform at multiple Stateside cities in May, when they bring their Unveil Tour 'I am…' in USA to New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Houston.

Watch the video for Stray Kids’ “Chronosaurus” here: