Stray Kids Are Ready to Take to the Skies With Uplifting ‘Astronaut’ Watch


K-pop group Stray Kids returned today (Nov. 13) with the release of their new single “Astronaut,” a bright electro-pop track sure to get everyone feeling ready for adventure.

A club-ready dance track, "Astronaut" features the members of Stray Kids singing and rapping about finding their way and exploring the world, acting like modern-day astronauts moving towards the future without fear. 

The song was shared alongside a video that switches off between festive moments of the members of Stray Kids hanging out and playing together and darker moments — the members are seen in cages, and futuristic, glitchy elements make appearances — connecting "Astronaut" with past music videos from the group and their Clé album series.

The video ends with member I.N., the youngest member of Stray Kids, sitting on his own amid playground equipment, and the words, “The owners of Clé,” flashing across the screen. 

The release of "Astronaut" precedes the release of Stray Kids’ upcoming Clé: Levanter album, set to drop on December 14. Both the song and album’s release dates were delayed following the recent, sudden departure of Woojin from the act late last month, making “Astronaut” the first bit of music from Stray Kids as an eight member act.

"Astronaut" follows the release of last month's "Double Knot."

Check out Stray Kids’ “Astronaut” music video below.