"Stranger Things" Teams With Hasbro For Limited Edition Monopoly Game


Just because the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things has arrived doesn’t mean the collaborations and merchandise for the show will slow down. Already the show has linked with Nike, Levi jeans, Burger King, IKEACoca Cola and lots more. A new collaboration has been announced with none other than Hasbro to deliver a Stranger Things Monopoly game.

The game will be a special collector’s edition with a redesigned board that have graphics of the characters and the scary creatures, along with locations within the town of Hawkins presented as properties to buy and eventually win the game with. The usual pieces that each player uses to ride around the board have been replaced with other objects such as walkie talkies, a sheriff’s hat and a cassette tape. Hypebeast details how hotels and house pieces have been swapped for tents and glow-in-the-dark hideouts. Chance cards have been replaced with Upside Down Cards, by no surprise at all. The game is available for pre-order for $49.99.

"Stranger Things" Teams With Hasbro For Limited Edition Monopoly Game
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

In other Stranger Things news, the season three newcomer Cary Elwes who stars as the city’s mayor Larry Kline made it clear that his character was not based on President Donald Trump. 

“I think that somehow got picked up by a reporter and people ran with it, but that has no bearing on our current president whatsoever,” Cary told The Huffington Post about the assumed correlation. “I mean, I don’t know where anyone saw orange makeup? But I certainly didn’t see any. No, he just happened to be a politician who is very self-centered, and is very driven by material things, but it’s not a comment on the president at all.”