StirFryBoyz Overcome Adversity & Heartbreak in Numbing ‘BESTIE’ Premiere


After making some noise with "Sunday" earlier this year, the Stirfryboyz look to parlay their momentum into a successful fourth quarter with the release of "BESTIE." The Asian boy band also debuts a visual as the side dish to their latest single, which premieres on Billboard today (Nov. 12). 

"The idea behind the music video and the tonality of the song perfectly displays the complexities in human relationships and sheds light on the brotherhood and comradery shared by the Stirfryboyz," the collective tells Billboard. "All adversity and heartbreak can be overcome by pouring yourself into friends and pursuits that you believe in."

The California trio details the ramifications on the group of a fractured relationship between a former lover and one of the Boyz. As usual, the group as heavily involved in the production of their latest visual, drawing inspiration from the simplistic one-shot style of famed director Quentin Tarantino and the slow zoom format used in the past by Wes Anderson. 

Look for the Stirfryboyz to continue to pick up steam into 2020, with plenty of new music in store from the extremely focused group, who are currently in the midst of a lucrative bidding war between several major labels. 

"When 'Sunday' gained traction, we realized that we could actually take this more seriously," they explain. "We felt as though there was an unfulfilled demand in hip-hop and pop that we catered to. It did put more pressure on us because music went from a passion into a career, but we've slowly learned to adjust and stick to keep things as Stirfry as possible."

Watch the "BESTIE" video below.