Sting Says He’d Only Return To WWE For Match With The Undertaker


WWE Hall of Famer Sting has not wrestled since he sustained a potentially catastrophic neck injury during a 2015 match against then-champion Seth Rollins, and it doesn’t appear he has any plans to ever get back in the squared circle. 

That said, if there were one man to get the 60-year old wrestling icon back in the ring, it’d be none other than The Undertaker.

In an interview with Wrestling Travel, Sting explained:

“I mean, everyone knows who it would be — Taker. He’s the only guy I’d come out of retirement for now. No one else.”

“We could just never get it together to make it happen. When I started talking to WWE he was booked with Brock and then I did the deal with Triple H and he had another feud going on at the time, so it was just one of those things we couldn’t make happen.”

“I don’t regret it not happening either. I mean, I got to face Triple H at my first WrestleMania and then wrestle Seth for the World Title. So I didn’t do too badly out of that deal. But yeah, the only person I’m getting in the ring for is Taker.”

Sting and Taker never crossed paths during their illustrious pro wrestling careers, and it’s just something that wrestling fans will always have to wonder, “what could have been.”

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahon was “never hot on that match anyway.”

“WWE’s really careful with older guys because of what happened with Lawler.”

“Vince was never hot on that match anyway. I mean people were for whatever reason. Sting’s already 60.”