Stevie J Blasts Joseline Hernandez For Not Letting Him See Their Daughter


Previously we reported on reality television star and former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Joseline Hernandez being spotted out and about with her new beau as he carried on fatherly duties for her daughter, Bonnie Bella. Immediately, the internet gathered around father Stevie J for some intense probing as to why Joseline’s new man was doing the “daddy duties” and not him. Well, it looks like things may not be as it seems because Stevie J clapped back at his former flame today. 

The famed producer stated his piece via his Instagram story while his other daughter, from a different relationship, calmly sat near him. Bonnie Bella’s father claims to have attempted to pick up his daughter on numerous occasions, but not being able to because of Joseline. He counts a total of five failed attempts in doing so, hence hinting that he is indeed a good father, but cannot exercise his father duties because of Joseline. While the producer continued to refer to his daughter with the Puerto Rican princess as “you know who,” we can’t help, but wonder if it was to stir the pot and incite Joseline to fire back or if he was simply defending his name.

Either way, Stevie J said what he said.