Steven Spielberg First Director To Rake In Over $10 Billion At The Box Office


Steven Spielberg’s cinematic career has been ripe with success and accolades, as only two his feature films grossed under $100 million at the worldwide box fice. The filmmaker’s vast and diverse oeuvre includes Academy Award fare such as Schindler’s List, alongside the iconic Indiana Jones series. Spielberg’s latest, Ready Player One, has so-far earned an impressive $475 million globally, which has now helped propel the director into a league his own. 

Spielberg’s total box fice cume now stands at a staggering $10 billion, with that figure expected to grow with any new directorial effort the singular talent may have up his sleeves. Forbes notes how “Spielberg’s lifetime total is way above any his competitors. His peers, such as Peter Jackson ($6.5 billion over six Middle Earth movies and three other flicks), Michael Bay ($6.45b over 13 movies), James Cameron ($6.1b over nine movies, with $4.9b coming from Avatar and Titanic alone), David Yates ($5.3b over six J.K. Rowling flicks plus Legend Tarzan), got their hauls almost entirely from a given franchise.”

With a bevy unforgettable films, coupled alongside intense audience adoration, Spielberg resides over the cinematic pantheon as the medium’s resident godhead.