Steve Perry Returns With 'No Erasin',' First New Song in 20 Years


The ex-Journey lead singer will release ‘Traces’ on Oct. 5.

After hinting about his return on Tuesday (Aug. 14), long-absent rock singer Steve Perry made good on the promise late Tuesday night as a video for “No Erasin,’" his first new song in 20 years, appeared without fanfare on YouTube. 

The mid-tempo song begins, appropriately enough, with the line, “I know it’s been a long time coming,” before going into a tale “love that won’t go.” The video features Perry performing the song in a studio with a band.

Concurrently, the ex-Journey lead singer took to his website to explain his absence and announce his new album, Traces, set for release Oct. 5 on Fantasy/Concord. 

“Years ago, I disappeared. There were many reasons, but mainly… my love for music had suddenly left me,” Perry writes. “I knew that simply stopping was what I had to do. If music was ever to return to my heart, then and only then I would figure out what to do,” he begins. “If not… so be it, for I had already lived the dream dreams.”

He continues, “Many years passed. One day, I began sketching some musical ideas with the creative freedom that I was the only one who would ever hear them. One song led to many. My love for music had returned. Then, another beautiful thing happened. I found love. My precious Kellie gave me a life I never knew I had. I lost her December 2012. I now deeply understand the meaning : ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.'” Perry is referring to psychologist Kellie Nash, who died breast cancer after the couple were together only a year and a half. 

Three years later, in May 2015, Perry says he began recording Traces. “These songs are special to me,” he says. I respectfully ask that you please listen to them, and whatever they make you feel, I thank you for listening.” 

Perry has been an elusive figure since the ‘90s following his last album with Journey, 1996’s Trial by Fire, and 1998's “I Stand Alone,” a solo song from the soundtrack to the animated film Quest for Camelot. Perry attended Journey’s 2017 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Fame, but did not perform with the band. 

Listen to "No Erasin'" below.