Steve Jobs Is Alive In Egypt, According To Conspiracy Theorists


If you spend your late nights perusing through the darkest corners of YouTube, you will likely appreciate this one. Ever since Steve Jobs passed away eight years ago, some consumers claim that Apple has been on a slow-moving downward spiral. The number of iPhones you see on a daily basis will debunk that theory pretty quickly but still, it’s something that people regularly say. With Tim Cook now serving as the head of operations over at Apple, several new products and improvements have been announced to the existing models. Those who wish Jobs’ genius were still with us today may have some hope because, after a photo started circulating online that shows a man who looks strikingly similar to the tech pioneer, some conspiracy theorists are convinced that Jobs is alive and living on the other side of the world.

Steve Jobs Is Alive In Egypt, According To Conspiracy Theorists
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As you know, Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 after a long battle with cancer. Those who like to believe alternative realities are now hammering home the fact that one photo, showing a man lounging in Egypt, proves that Jobs is actually not gone. As reported by The Sun and numerous other sources, a barefoot man enjoying a caffeinated beverage and wandering barefoot has convinced people that Steve Jobs is still alive. Superfans of the tech giant are well aware that, during brainstorm sessions, Jobs liked to walk around barefoot. One thing that has even the most stubborn theorists confused though is the man’s choice of wristwear. The Jobs lookalike is not wearing an Apple Watch, which surely gives this theory away, right?

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