Steve Aoki Announces Splice Sound Pack, Shows Us Around His Studio: Exclusive


What do you need to make a hit record? If you're Steve Aoki, you need a fun vibe, a fresh environment and the Xfer Records wavetable synth Serum. It's his go-to plug in, featuring in nearly every song he's ever made, or so he says in a new studio tour produced by music production platform Splice in celebration of the Neon Future producer's first official Splice sound pack, which opens the hit-making artist's signature sounds to the public.  

Since 2013, the company has outfitted creatives at all levels with royalty-free sounds and samples to elevate and inspire. The new collection features a wide variety of Aoki's favorites synths, rhythms and samples, running the gamut from dance to pop, reggae to trance and more. 

“Splice is the first stop in creating music, because we help musicians find inspiration and execute on it," Splice CEO Steve Martocci tells Billboard Dance. "We’re best known for samples and loops, but we’re rapidly growing our library of other content types — like presets and midi — so that creators have all kinds of creative content to bring their ideas to life."

The video below takes viewers on a tour of Aoki's Neon Future Cave studio in Las Vegas, wherein Aoki creates an atmosphere of laid back fun. Aoki knows being creative shouldn't be stuffy, and in his experience, the best riffs and hooks are born when you let worry fall to the wayside. 

He's had a lot of guests in the studio, and some of them will surprise you. Check out the video below, and look for the new Aoki sound pack on Splice.