Stephen King Defends "Game Of Thrones" From Online Pitchfork Bearers


As the final season of Game Of Thrones continues to near the endgame, the vitriolic hatred directed at showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss has reached disturbing new heights. Not only have many taken to criticizing the series at every turn, but a petition has even surfaced, imploring HBO to “remake” the entire final season.

It’s darkly comic to imagine that some people actually think that there’s a chance, but you’d be surprised; perhaps, for many, signing is a symbolic gesture.  In any case, the negative narrative surrounding Game Of Thrones has spilled over damn near everywhere, an inescapable toxic waste. Now, legendary author Stephen King has stepped in to vouch for the product at hand, in an attempt to assuage the fervent mob.

Though King’s point may not be a minority outlook at this point, it’s certainly being overpowered by the vocal haters. Perhaps the passage of time will help heal the wound, perhaps not. In any case, perhaps it’s best to simply enjoy the ride while we still can. Where television shows are concerned, it’s entirely possible that we will never see its like again. In the meantime, refer to the video below.