Stephen A. Smith Explains His Hairline Situation With Charlamagne: Video


ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club, where he touched on a number of issues, including the state of his hairline.

When asked by Charlamagne if he has ever thought about shaving it all off or using any treatments to help grow it back, Stephen A. gave a passionate, detailed explanation about his current options, including why he’s reluctant to go bald.

“Listen, Hair Club for Men is an option. But, here’s why the bald doesn’t work for me – I got a schnoz for a nose, I got a noggin’ in the back. Now see if I had a head shaped like yours [C Tha God] or a big square head [like former Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King]… I could do the bald look, but the bald’s not gonna work for me.”

Smith went on to describe how he has considered Hair Club for Men after seeing the results of Deion Sanders, but he hasn’t received too many complaints just yet for him to make the change.

Check out his full thoughts about his hair issues in the tweet embedded below, as well as some other clips from his appearance on The Breakfast Club.