Stephen A. Smith Breaks His Silence On The Baby Filter Memes


Stephen A. Smith is one of the most entertaining sports analysts on television thanks to the way he’s able to express himself on topics that he is particularly passionate about. Because of his mannerisms, Smith has become quite the meme factory especially when it comes to his “stay off the weed” catchphrase. Over the past few days, Smith has become even more of a meme as Twitter users have been subjecting him to the Snapchat baby filter which as the name suggests, makes you look like a baby, all while altering your voice.

Fans have been taking some of Stephen A’s best rants, particular his LaMar Odom crack moment and have given them the baby filter treatment.

Today, Smith took to Twitter to humorously disavow the memes saying “Y’all really NEED to stop with these baby filters.” Of course, Smith is just kidding around here as in the video, he is using the babyface filter. Although it is interesting to note that he pronounces meme as “ME-ME” instead of “MEEM” which will surely generate even more ridicule at some point.

In the video, Smith goes on to say that he particularly enjoyed the LaMar Odom meme and that he hopes to see even more baby filter edits in the future. Whether or not you agree with Smith’s sports takes, you got to admit these edits are pretty funny.