Steph Curry Suffers Left Knee Injury In First Game Back


The Golden State Warriors are having to hold their breath at the moment as star guard Steph Curry is scheduled for an MRI on Saturday to see the damage to his left knee. On Friday, teammate JaVale McGee jumped in the air to contest an attempt from Atlanta Hawk’s Mike Muscala, and ended up falling right into Curry’s left knee on his landing, ultimately injuring it.

The two-time MVP limped around the court for a bit and was in visible pain, before being pulled from the game. Steph managed to limp back to the bench in frustration as the team therapist checked the injury, but minutes later, he was taken back to the locker room.

Initial reports say that he suffered an MCL sprain, but an MRI will be taken tomorrow to determine the extent the injury.

Coincidentally the injury happened on Steph’s first game in nearly two weeks. The point guard had been out the previous 6 games for an injured ankle he rolled a couple weeks ago, and on his first night back this happens. His length for being out is still unknown, but we’ll find out more in a matter hours.

The injury to Steph i just the latest to the depleted Warriors. The defending champs are currently without Klap Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymon Green, AND now Steph Curry.

We’ll keep you posted on the develops story as more info comes in. Until then, check out the replay the injury (below).