Steph Curry Confident LeBron James Will "Regroup" And Be Great Again


The last four NBA Finals saw the Golden State Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. This matchup created a rivalry between Steph Curry and LeBron James that will stand the test of time. Unfortunately for LeBron, Curry won three out of those four matchups and unfortunately for the fans, that rivalry will have to be suspended this postseason. Of course, LeBron is now on the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference which means he can only play Curry within the first three rounds. Even with that being the case, the Lakers will not be in the postseason this year.

Curry was asked at his team’s shootaround what he thought about LeBron absence from the playoffs this year. According to ESPN, Curry believes James will be able to turn it around. 

“Obviously, the rest of the league continues to go, a lot of talent, a lot of great storylines, people chasing championships,” Curry said. “But he’s had an amazing run. Pretty sure he’ll be able to reset for next year and regroup. It’s just different [with James not in the postseason].”

Steph Curry Confident LeBron James Will "Regroup" And Be Great Again

Carlos Osorio – Pool/Getty Images

The Warriors sharpshooter also spoke about how odd it must be for LeBron to not be playing past early April.

“It’s different but what is it? [Eight] straight Finals he went to?” Curry asked. “I’m sure it’s a different experience for him, for better or worse.”

Tonight, the Lakers and Warriors will face off tonight in Los Angeles at 10:30 P.M. EST. James will not be in the lineup as he is sitting the rest of the season.