Steele Gets Confessional on 'Looking For You': Premiere


Sara Steele fell in love with music after learning piano at the age 5 and even went the classically trained route early in her career. The Swedish artist — who performs mononymously under her surname — soon discovered her true passion, which was to create music that resonates with her personally. Since then, Steele has crafted a dark pop sound that marries elements post-rock and trip-hop.

Ahead her debut album Paroxysm, Steele is premiering her new single “Looking For You” today (May 24) Billboard. The delightful, electronic-tinged track is a follow-up to Steele's previously released ballad “Temporary Love” and shows f her versatile sound. The theme sentimentality established on “Temporary Love” continues as “Looking For You” playfully tackles a paradox emotions.

“'Looking For You' is an embodiment that feeling being happy, devious and a little bit moonstruck at the same time, much like when you're determined for a mission – or just dancing senselessly at home alone,” Steele tells Billboard

The song features production from Charles Elmi and Dejan Sajinovic, who also worked with Steele on songs for her EPs Opium and Hiraeth. Those EPs have been combined with newer tracks to form Paroxysm, which is due out on June 13. 

Check out the tracklist for Paroxysm and listen to “Looking For You” below. 

Paroxysm tracklist
1. Machine
2. Animal
3. Know Her
4. Opium
5. Temporary Love
6. Waiting
7. Knots
8. Deep Water
9. 8AM
10. Follow
11. Looking for You
12. Fade