Stan Lee's Stolen Blood Used To Sign Marvel Comic Books


Stan Lee is probably best known these days for his cameo appearances in the litany popular Marvel superhero movies, including the recent smash success, Black Panther. However, fans comic books are aware his history with Marvel comics, and how important is was to the comics industry as a whole. So important, in fact, that people are willing to pay for his blood.

In an incredibly bizarre report published by io9, issues Marvel comics, signed with ink containing blood stolen from Stan Lee, were being sold at an ficially licensed Marvel retail store in a Las Vegas casino.

According to The Daily Beast, Stan Lee had reportedly been dealing with legal issues with a former business associate working at a charitable organization, Hands Respect, that Lee also used to be a part . TMZ then reported that that same business partner had allegedly forged medical documents to get Lee’s nurse to drain ls his blood. 

It seems that we now know what that blood was used for. Several issues Marvel comics, such as The Mighty Thor #700, and Rise the Black Panther #1 were signed with his blood, and were retailing for up to $500. The certificate authenticity provided with the comics also included the logo for Hands Respect at the bottom. The non-prit claimed that the comics were donated to the store following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and that the blood was used with permission.

However, the store has now issued a statement, saying they would be pulling all the blood-signed books f the shelves. If you ever felt the need to own some Stan Lee’s blood, you’ve unfortunately missed your chance.