Stan Lee’s Ex Manager Officially Arrested On Elder Abuse Charges


Previously, we reported on allegations piling up against Stan Lee’s former manager, Keya Morgan, following his passing. Stan died of natural causes back in November of last year and ever since his death, Morgan has been brought under the eye of both public and legal scrutiny. And now, an update was given by TMZ which indicates Keya Morgan was arrested and taken into custody this Saturday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona. The arrest occurred following a warrant which was issued last week, though the full circumstances behind the interception have not yet been divulged. Though the warrant related to five separate counts of elder abuse tying to the LA County.

The legal documents obtained by the aforementioned source cite the alleged elder abuse took place sometime in June 2018, despite Stan Lee not being named as one of the victims. Though it is important to note the comic book writer was still alive at the time. Yet this brings into consideration that Lee’s team filed a restraining order against Morgan in July 2018 and the motion alleged the fired employee mismanaged over $5 million dollars of Lee’s money. Moreover, the order also maintained that Keya Morgan had physically and emotionally injured Stan Lee numerous times. Hence, it is easy to connect the dots here.

We expect more on this later.