STAFF PICK OF THE MONTH: 5 NYC Artists To Watch Out For in 2019


1- Yaeji – “One More”

Korean-American electronic artist based in Brooklyn, New-York, Yaegi, is known for her signature genre blending of house music and Hip-Hop, and for her singing in both Korean, and English. Her refined musical approach makes her one the most exciting artists of her generation, and her latest release, “One More”, proves this fact more than ever with an introspective song about self-illumination.

2- Lauren Stevenson – The Big Freeze

American singer-songwriter Lauren Stevenson is based in Long Island, New York, and a former keyboard player for the musical collective Bomb The Music Industry! Her latest release, a critically acclaimed album titled The Big Freeze, home to eleven tracks, offers a minimalist orchestration focusing on her guitar and voice for our great delight. She digs deeper than ever in this record, and fearlessly address personal issues in utmost grace.  

3- Briguel – “Without Darkness”

Based in New York City, artist couple Briguel have been extremely prolific this past year, and continue their winning streak with yet another heavy release titled ”Without Darkness”, alongside its incredibly original music video.

Capturing the couple dancing and singing dressed in clown costumes and sometimes in regular clothes, the music video shares a universal message of balance, harmony, and acceptance.

4- Emily King

American R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in NYC Emily King recently dropped a beautiful piece of music, an album entitled Scenery, in which she demonstrates her wide range of skills and naturally felt musicality.

Her debut album East Side Story went on to earn a grammy nomination for Best Contemporary R&B Album of the Year in 2017. She follows up in style with this latest release as we impatiently wait for more from this extremely talented artist.

5- Sunflower Bean

American rock band from Glen Head and Brooklyn, New York, Sunflower Bean, make it to the list thanks to their latest drop, a single entitled “King Of The Dudes”, a beautiful power-pop influenced sound only they could perform with such artistry.