Spooky Mugshots Goes Viral, Prompting Internet Roast Session


We all remember the Jeremy Meeks story, considered to be a success story to some. Meeks’ attractive mugshot went viral across all social media platforms back in 2014. The blue-eyed felon and former member of the Crips spent a total of two years in prison based on weapon charges. Upon his release from jail, the “Hot Felon” nested a successful modeling career, partied with celebrities and went onto marry a billionaire heiress. The product of their love resulted in the birth of their first child on May 29th of last year. Now, that is the kind of story true of fairy tales.

Unfortunately, stories like Meeks are highly unlikely and the majority of individuals who do find themselves as mugshot subjects do not experience the same fate. Most recently, the news station WFTZ reported shared the spooky mugshots of an Ohio woman named Alyssa Zebrasky. The Canfield-native’s likeness went viral when she was halted on her third arrest in the span of six months. The photo reveals a wide tattoo depicting a protruding spider all over Zebrasky’s face. This would not be the arrestee’s first time getting roasted, a previous shot of her spread like wildfire following her shoplifting and drug possession arrest in December last year.