Spike Lee The Rumored Director For Marvel's "Nightwatch" Film


With the blockbuster spectaculars that superhero movies have become, they’re only handing those out to the most interesting directors. A particular 90’s Marvel character may be in the hands Spike Lee. It is rumored that the director will be in charge Nightwatch.

The news comes to us from The Hashtag Show. They previously broke superhero news when they shared that Kristen Wiig will play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. As part their big announcement, the show also said that Cheo Hodari Coker, Luke Cage’s showrunner, will write the script. Spike Lee was also believed to helm this project back in September when mentioned by the Meet the Movie Press podcast.

The titular character was introduced in 1993’s Web Spider-Man #97. After a run-in with his future self, African-American doctor, Kevin Trench steals a high-tech suit and dons the guise Nightwatch. The character looks like your typical 90’s superhero, equipped with a flowing cape, large gauntlets, and metal arms. Nightwatch will join the upcoming Venom film as the Marvel properties created by Sony Pictures. Since the possible news is out, we hope to hear an ficial confirmation from the studio, or Lee himself.