"Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" Officially Hits Netflix


It’s a good time to be a Spider-Man fan. Sure, the days of the classic 90s animated series are behind us (though it’s still one of the greatest representations of Spider-Man of all time, damnnit), but Marvel has been going hard with the Spidey content. Between bringing Tom Holland’s interpretation into the MCU, to Insomniac Games’ excellent Spider-Man 4, to the Academy Award-winning Into The Spider-Verse, it’s safe to say that die-hard loyalists have been eating good. At least, where the wall-crawler is concerned.

With Far From Home set to hit theatres on July 2nd, Netflix has come through with an additional dose of the beloved hero. At long last, the streaming giant has brought Into The Spider-Verse onto the platform, starting today. If you haven’t yet seen the acclaimed film, do yourself a favor and add it to the queue. Even if you’re skeptical about the style of the animation, or the mere fact that it’s animated at all, rest assured that Spider-Verse is a compelling and at-times genuinely emotional piece of work.

Will you be tuning in? If you’re on the fence, check out the official trailer below.