Spanish Judge Rules Against Julio Iglesias in Paternity Case


The judge in a court in Valencia declared that Javier Sánchez Santos is the pop star’s biological son.

A Spanish judge has ruled against Julio Iglesias in an ongoing paternity case brought by Javier Sánchez Santos, a 43-year-old actor who claims he was conceived during the pop star’s 1975 summer fling with his mother, a Portuguese dancer who Iglesias met in a disco. Iglesias has refused to take a paternity test.

Noting their physical similarities, the judge presiding over a court in Valencia, Spain, declared that in the absence of biological proof the evidence was sufficient to indicate that Iglesias is Santos’ father. The judgment is not binding and may be appealed to a higher court in Valencia.

Sánchez Santos’ mother, Maria Edite Santos, told the Spanish newspaper ABC that Iglesias wanted nothing to do with her or the child when she let him know that she was pregnant in the wake of what she described as a week of passion.

Santos first brought the case against Iglesias to court in 1992. That case was dismissed at that time due to a lack of evidence.