Southside Says He & Tory Lanez Have Talked Out Their Issues


Footage Tory Lanez and Travis Scott’s near fight surfaced on the internet. The footage itself came at an interesting time considering Tory Lanez has been on a media run and a main topic discussion was that moment he mentioned on his album. Southside took to Instagram Live yesterday where he put the Toronto rapper on blast and accused him leaking the footage himself to boost his album sales. However, it looks like they’ve patched things up since then.

Southside hit Twitter up earlier today to reveal that he and Tory spoke on the phone and cleared things up. He said, “Talk to my lil bros they str8 let’s make history #808Mafia.” So it looks like he spoke to both Tory and Travis about the incident and all is in the past.

More recently, Tory Lanez took to Twitter to address the footage. He explained that the footage is old and that he’s been on good terms with Travis Scott for a year and a half now. He wrote, “Me and Travis Scott] been got past this irrelevant ass argument a year and a half ago.. that’s my dawg.”

Tory’s been pretty open about the situation lately. The rapper recently joined us for a breakdown his latest album Memories Don’t Die and gave a further explanation about the issue with Travis Scott. He explained the two them ended up resolving their issues backstage at a show. While his explanation wasn’t as intense as the actual confrontation, we’re glad the two them put this in the past. Peep our exclusive interview with him below.