Soulja Boy’s A "Changed Man" After Jail, Cutting Off People & Social Media


Back in April, we reported that “Crank That” rapper and producer, Soulja Boy, had been sentenced to 240 days in jail, due to a violation of his probation. Soulja had failed to complete his court-ordered community service, and then attempted to falsify evidence that he had completed it. Not too long after, however, we posted the surprising update that Soulja had actually been released early from prison, spending only a little over three months behind bars as opposed to his original sentencing, meaning he was let out almost 5 months earlier than was planned. LA’s Sherrif’s Department informed sources at the time that Soulja’s good behavior during the time he served, as well as overcrowding, were the reasons behind his early release. Now it seems he’s carrying on that good behavior even after being set free, as TMZ reports that sources close to the artist claim that he is a “changed man.”

Soulja Boy's A "Changed Man" After Jail, Cutting Off People & Social Media

Amy Graves/BET/Getty Images