Soulja Boy Sued For Alabama Concert No-Show: Report


Soulja Boy is fresh out of jail but unfortunately, his release comes with even more legal issues. According to TMZ, Williams Hicks, a promoter from Alabama, sued Soulja Boy on accusations that the rapper bailed on a concert back in April in Birmingham. Hicks claims he paid Soulja Boy $9K up front ahead of a performance in the city when the rapper ended up canceling last minute. He claims the rapper’s manager messaged him at the last minute saying that he couldn’t make his flight to Birmingham. In the suit, Hicks claims Soulja Boy and his manager of lying because the rapper was allegedly in Vegas performing instead.

Soulja Boy Sued For Alabama Concert No-Show: Report
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Hicks said that he sent a letter to Soulja Boy and his team saying that if they don’t return the downpayment, he would have to take them to court, which clearly, he did. Unfortunately, the issue bled onto the Internet after Hicks called out Big Draco for not paying him back. Soulja Boy then responded to Hicks claiming he wipes his ass with $9K.

Here’s where things get weird on Hicks side. Soulja Boy sent him a video apologizing for flopping and explaining his side of the story but Hicks wanted the apology to be made publicly. Soulja refused but the interesting thing is, the video was posted on YouTube. 

Unfortunately, while Soulja Boy and Hicks were trying to come to a resolution about the concert no-show, the rapper was arrested and sentenced to prison time while is why communication between the two parties ended abruptly. Hicks is now taking Soulja Boy to court for $13,487.85 for breach of contract.