Soulja Boy Sued By His Chauffeur


Soulja Boy Sued By His Chauffeur

When we heard Soulja Boy was getting sued by his limo driver, we figured The Draco wanted to flex like he had a chauffeur and then didn't pay the dude.

But that's not what it is.

Kamilah Daily claims Soulja hired him in February last year to drive him around Las Vegas. During one their trips, Soulja filmed Daily performing his chauffer duties and then put that unauthorized image in the video for his track "Bling."

Daily is suing for unspecified damages, arguing it disrupted his employment and caused him mental anguish.

Soulja Boy has attempted to get the case thrown out, but to no avail. 

If it does go to trial, Soulja is going to have some problems. His lawyers want f the case because — surprise, surprise — Soulja hasn't paid them.

Of course, if Daily does win the suit, he's going to have a terrible time trying to extract any money from Soulja.

You can see Daily's unauthorized image at about the 50-second mark the "Bling" video.

Soulja Boy Sued By His Chauffeur