Soulja Boy Goes Off On ‘Racist’ Twitch After Getting Banned: ‘I Gotta Sue These People’


Soulja Boy is one of the biggest personalities on social media, and it makes sense since many consider him the first internet rapper. Big Draco makes good use of his platforms to speak his mind and troll his peers but there’s one company that seems to have had enough and Soulja Boy isn’t happy.

On Wednesday (December 15), Soulja Boy took to his Twitter page to reveal Twitch took down his profile. The Atlanta native was not too happy with the ban as he didn’t know what he did to even get one in the first place.

“I can’t believe twitch can just ban you without any proof or explanation. This doesn’t feel right. I gotta sue these people,” Soulja Boy tweeted. “If y’all don’t give me my account back I’m taking y’all to court @Twitch @TwitchSupport.”

He continued, “I need the best lawyer money can buy dm me I got millions I wanna sue twitch I feel like they racist they ban me without no explanation I will not stand for this.”

Soulja Boy then asks his fans who’s in charge of Twitch because he wants to have a conversation with them. Big Draco won’t stand for these injustices committed against him.

“Who is the CEO of twitch and where can I find this n-gga at?,” he asked. “I need to talk to you. Now. @eshear.”

Twitch has yet to explain why Soulja Boy was banned, but it may have something to do with the unfiltered live streams filled with him cursing, trolling and excessive flexing with his money and jewelry.

While he may be the first rapper to sue Twitch, Soulja Boy can’t say the same for something else. Earlier this month, Roc-A-Fella legend Freeway claimed he was the first rapper to have a diamond in his beard when he had a jewel in his mane during a video shoot with Soulja.

“Soulja, you the first rapper to do everything else, but I’m the first rapper with a diamond in my beard,” said Freeway. “I’m the first one to do that, boy.”

“I don’t even got no beard,” Big Draco responded with a laugh. “Turn up! He the first. Y’all know what the fuck going on, we on set, man.”