Soulja Boy Declares That Steve Jobs Gave Him The First Ever IPhone


Bad news for “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper and producer, Soulja Boy, reared its head nearly two months ago when the entertainer was hit with a sentence following a violation of his probation. Despite facing time behind bars though, the comedic musician ever-positive spirit doesn’t look like it’s faltering, with Soulja sending a message to fans from inside prison, to let them know he’s planning “the biggest comeback of 2019” once he’s released. A recently re-dug up video of Soulja from the final week of last month, solidified the rapper’s self-proclaimed icon status, revealing that he was hand-delivered the FIRST EVER iPhone from late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs himself.

Soulja Boy Declares That Steve Jobs Gave Him The First Ever IPhone

Ben Rose/WireImage

Soulja Boy detailed how after his hit “Crank That” started to gain traction, Steve Jobs, or “the white man from Apple” as Soulja referred to him, appeared at the “Crank That” video shoot to personally hand him the revolutionary device. Upon receiving the device, Soulja said that it accidentally slipped out of his hand and cracked against the floor. For someone who’s known to exaggerate for comedic quality, this story seems legit. “But when it hit the floor, they was like ‘Oh dont worry about it, don’t worry about it, we’ll get you another one.'” he concluded the story, adding that they kept to their word and delivered another phone to him a couple of days later. 

The hilarious full video (in which Soulja starts talking about the iPhone story at the 8:30 mark) can be seen below.