Soulja Boy Clears Up WWE Is Fake Statement, Leaves Randy Orton Out Of 'Real Wrestlers' List


The beef between Soulja Boy and WWE wrestler Randy Orton may be an actual dispute. On Tuesday (March 9), the conflict was taken to another level when Orton tagged Soulja Boy in a picture that showed the scars wrestlers gave each other in a match and asked which one of  Soulja’s baby mommas could handle the medical bill. It’s been long-assumed not to mention children or family in a dispute, and it seems Soulja Boy abides by that code.

During a live stream session where Soulja Boy played video games with fans, Big Draco took off the gloves and viciously dissed the 14-time champion.

“This n-gga talking about baby mamas,” Soulja Boy said while driving his car in the video game. “I ain’t got no kids, n-gga! The fuck is you talking about, stupid ass boy? Now listen, I respect like the WWE, and shit like that. Like, The Rock is one of my favorite wrestlers, Stone Cold Steve Austin like back in the day when I was a little kid, like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, shit like that. But you know what the fuck I meant n-gga.”

He continued, “I’ll come to the WWE and smack the shit out of you. I’m not irrelevant, I’m very relevant, and I got more money than you. I’m more popping than you, I had the biggest comeback of 2019 on The Breakfast Club, I made millions of millions of dollars. I don’t even know you n-gga! Randy Organ, fuck out of here, n-gga.”

The Crank Dat Soulja Boy creator then threatened to slap the entire WWE roster and called them bitches for targeting him. He also mentioned who he thought were the most real wrestlers, intentionally leaving Orton off the list.

“The real wrestlers is The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and all you other n-ggas, shut the fuck up n-gga,” he revealed. “I fuck with The Dudley Boyz, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy the Swanton Bomb, all you other n-ggas shut the fuck up.”

Soulja Boy continued explaining that Orton took what he said a few weeks ago out of context and used the controversial storyline that Orton is currently in with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss to prove that wrestling has gone too over the top now.

“Y’all on there spitting fire and spitting acid out your mouth and doing cutscenes that shit look like a soap opera TV show that shit was fake as hell,” he said. “Y’all n-ggas can’t even act. I ain’t watch wrestling in like 15 years.”

Since it seems Soulja’s beef with the WWE is real, maybe he can get some lessons in with Bow Wow who’s planning to train with WWE legend Rikishi later in March. Rikishi recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. about his excitement in getting Bow Wow ready for the ring.

“I’m very excited to be able to be the guy to be able to give him this knowledge and help train him,” Rikishi said. “For me, it’s good for business. If Bow Wow can come into our industry and put asses in seats at WrestleMania, then why not? And everybody should motivate him or help him because him coming in, or anybody coming in from Hip Hop or the movie industry into our industry, obviously they’re green and they need to be smartened up.”