Soulja Boy Asks Fans Their ‘Firsts’ & Yields Plenty Of Interesting Takes


Soulja Boy has made it well known that he has been the first rapper to do just about anything, but on Monday (December 27) the “Crank Dat” rapper took to Twitter to ask his fans for their “firsts” and yielded plenty of interesting results.

One fan replied that they were the first to “have a girl bark for them,” while another replied and said they were the first “rapper in Alabama to have alcohol delivery in Alabama.” Another said they were the first to tweet Soulja back in a Waffle House bathroom.

Earlier in December, Soulja admitted that he had finally met his match when Freeway claimed to be the first rapper with a diamond in his beard. While on a video set with Big Draco, the “What We Do” rapper posted a video flexing his diamond, and Soulja gave Freeway his flowers.

“Soulja, you the first rapper to do everything else, but I’m the first rapper with a diamond in my beard,” said Freeway. “I’m the first one to do that, boy.”

“I don’t even got no beard,” Big Draco responded with a laugh. “Turn up! He the first. Y’all know what the fuck going on, we on set, man.”

Despite being the “first” to do a lot, Soulja also recently blasted Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Yachty via Instagram Live in November for cutting his guest verses off of their latest singles. Mere hours later, Soulja backpedaled on those claims and wrote on his Instagram story that he, Stunna and Yachty are all good.

“Me and Stunna 4 Vegas is good,” Soulja wrote on his Instagram Story. “We got on the phone he a real one. Me and Yachty still gotta talk.”

An hour later, it seems Soulja cleared the air with Lil Yachty as well.

“Me and Yachty all good,” he added.

Check out a few of the hilarious responses to Soulja’s tweet below.