Sophie Fay Drops Latest EP ‘Handle With Care’


When an artist does not care about popularity and hype, it means we can wait for something special coming from them. Underground artist and New York City-born Sophie Fay recently released her new EP Handle With Care, and the 24-minute journey is epic, spiritual, and awakening all together.

The artist uses mixes of smooth and rhythmic sounds along with R&B beats, dance elements, and powerful rock riffs. Her lyricism is unapologetically honest, while her sound is heavy and mature. Fay’s impressive vocals are soul-stirring and, in some parts, even heart-breaking.

The artist’s hard work, raw talent, and selfless dedication make it impossible not to feel moved by her craft.

Handle With Care” is the sonic representation of my mind and of all its obscure secrets, intimidating lies, darkest fears, obsessive love, psychedelic fantasies, peculiar dreams, and nightmares, all in seven tracks. So please, handle it with care,” explains Fay.