Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Now Has A Release Date


The Hollywood development cycle is one up’s and down’s. You never know what will be made. As the industry continues to rehash our childhood faves into new content for fans, you can expect to see familiar faces out their element. The latest icon our past is Sonic the Hedgehog. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will hit screens across the world on November 15, 2019. A mascot for the video game developer Sega, the character’s film has been in the works for a while. With the first announcement tracing back to 2014, it’s been a journey to get this movie made. The future Sonic’s big screen appearance didn’t look likely when Sony Pictures pulled from the project in October 2017.

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The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is backed by a decorated team. While it’s director, Jeff Fowler’s first feature film, he’s assisted by Deadpool-director, Tim Miller serving as an executive producer. The screenplay was written by the creator’s Fox Animation’s Golan The Insatiable, Pat Casey and Josh Miller. It’s reported that the film will make use CGI and live action, similar to that the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie out next year. We will have to wait and see just how many gold rings the speedster can grab and how many loops he can traverse in our world.