Solomun Says He's Sorry 'to All Muslims' For Playing Call to Prayer At Festival


Bosnian-German DJ and producer Solomun has issued an apology for his set at Italy's Kappa Futur Festival on Saturday, July 7. 

It turns out that a new demo he played contained a sample the Islamic Call to Prayer. Muslims consider the Call to Prayer quite sacred, and view remixes the call to be an example misuse. Solomun says he did not know the track contained the vocal sample, and even when it played, he did not understand what the sample was saying. He could, however, sense something was wrong, and he has since issued an apology for his insensitivity Facebook.

“I would like to apologize to all Muslims around the globe,” he says. “I had a very odd feeling about the situation, even though I did not understand the language. Directly after the break I mixed out the track. Now that I was made aware the impact this, I want to ask for your forgiveness: With all my heart I want to apologize for hurting religious feelings. As I am a religious person myself, nothing could be further from my intentions. I am deeply ashamed that this has happened.”

Solomun says he contacted the producer and advised him not to release the track or continue playing it in their own sets. He and his team tried to delete the set's recording wherever they found it, out respect for Muslims and their beliefs. 

Solomun has been on tour in support his recent Customer is King EP, which also marked the 100th release on his label Diynamic Music and its 12-year anniversary.

Read Solomun's full statement Facebook below.

Solomun Says He's Sorry 'to All Muslims' For Playing Call to Prayer At Festival