Sofía Reyes Shares Why ‘Being Mexican Is the Coolest Thing’ in ‘Growing Up Latino’ Episode


Billboard’s Growing Up Latino series continues with Mexican singer Sofia Reyes, who opens up about her culture and childhood memories.

The video starts with Reyes sharing her favorite Spanish slang phrases, such as eso chinga and no seas mamón. When translated into English, the words mean "that’s cool" and "don’t be stupid," respectively.

At the age of 10, Sofia Reyes traveled to Vancouver, Canada to study English for six months. “I feel that the English that I know now is basically what I learned in Vancouver," she says. Reyes also had the opportunity to travel to the United States to study acting with her father and best friend.

For Reyes, her best memory as a child was going to Grandma’s house to "see all my cousins, and my dad taking all of us to the park."

“Growing up as a Latino, to me, means a lot,” Reyes says. "Honestly, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Being Mexican is the coolest thing [in] the world. I love our culture, traditions and values.”

Watch the full video above.