Sofi Tukker Tell Story of 'Best Friend' Song, 'Treehouse' Debut Album


If you are looking for something infectious, bubbly and all sorts cool vibes, check out Si Tukker's viral breakout Treehouse track “Best Friend,” featuring NERVO, The Knocks and Alisa Ueno. Si Tukker sat down with Billboard Radio China to share their successes and achievements on their “Best Friend” track. 

Si Tukker — the duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern — are best friends with two different personalities and backgrounds. “It got to where it is today, and getting to know each other, figuring out who we are and making things,” they shared.

Coming from different backgrounds, they discovered they have similar interests. Si's national identity is a unique case: She was born in Germany but moved around the world with her parents. Despite her travels, she shared that she still finds her home country Germany as the place that has been most influential to her. Tucker grew up in Boston and always loved music that sounded weird, different and “out there.” In college, he fell in love with European and Latin-inspired house music. 

Tucker explained that they do not like to describe their music in genre terms, but aim to produce music that people can move to, dance to and take them to where they want to be. 

On their writing process, Si explains, “I spend time working on lyrics on my own, and Tucker spends time working on production on its own. When we come together, we give each other feedback to it.” 

The duo have been writing both Portuguese and English since the beginning the band. “I think we are just interested in what we are inspired by, sometimes in English and sometimes in Portuguese, it depends.”

Tucker also said that including elements different languages is not considered a new direction for them but instead a way to express and show the different sides themselves all the time. 

“The root the Si Tukker theme is colorfulness and self expression in a sort fun way,” they explain. As seen in their music videos and outfits, both members agree on loving colorful, bright and sparkly things. Sophie says, “I like things that make me feel like I want to dance, colorful, powerful and confident in my body in a good way, goy too.” 

One the biggest milestones Si Tukker was their first studio album release, Treehouse, in April. They explained that in their album, they produced a group songs as a collection that works together as a unit. Si and Tukker had no pressure putting out the album: “We didn't have any expectations; we just wanted to keep putting things out there so that people can get to know us better,” they said. 

Known for the track's vibrant, lively and unique cool vibe, “Best Friend” featuring Nervo, The Knocks and Alisa Ueno hit No. 1 on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay. It all started in a garage in Florida,  Sophie was on the phone with her best friend from college, and, “I came back in, and Tucker was making this really cool beat, and I was like, 'Oh my God, I love my best friend so much. I want to make a song about her.”

Si Tukker said they are surprised by the success the track. “The fact that the song broke down some doors for us, it is pretty fitting and really exciting for us.” They both did not expect that it would end up in an Apple commercial and reaching Radio Top 40.

“It really is what we are about,” they said. “We are about community, about friendship and everyone encouraging everyone shining.” 

As to what's next, the duo are currently touring on a bus around the U.S. and Canada. They are also planning to go to Japan for a short visit, then go back to Europe to attend music festivals. “We are constantly on the road, neither us have permanent apartments,” they shared. 

As fans eagerly await the next album, the duo revealed that in the meantime, they are releasing a lot new music and music videos: “We are gonna continue creating and continue loving what we are doing.”

Si Tukker added that they are excited and looking forward to travel to China: “That always has been an exciting goal ours, and hope we can come very soon.”

Listen to the full interview on Billboard Radio China.