Social Media Reacts to Technical Issues and Playboi Carti at the ‘DONDA Experience Performance’


Last night, Kanye hosted the “Donda Experience Performance” in Miami, where he previewed his upcoming DONDA 2 album and played songs from the first installment. The show started good, but things started to trail off towards the end, with many making fun of the many technical issues that plagued the show and Playboi Carti’s “Off The Grid” performance.

When Ye tried to rap his verse in “Jail,” things started to go awry, but his mic would not work. Ye ended up throwing his mic in the floor of water. He went the rest of the performance without rapping, letting the instrumentals run for pretty much the duration of the event.

Alicia Keys and Fivio Foreign came out for “City Of Gods,” and it was evident whoever was behind the boards wasn’t doing their job. Eventually, they put Alicia’s vocals on in the background. To close out the night, Ye, Fivio, and Playboi Carti came out to perform “Off The Grid,” and that’s when things went off the rails.

Playboi Carti came out looking like a mix of The Joker and WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy. Fivio then tried to rap his verse but was horribly offbeat. Not only did he not rap his verse, but he ad-libbed loud sounds throughout. While Kanye closed the track out, he was without a mic, so the instrumental played.

Shortly after, many people took to Twitter to talk about the debacle that ended the show. People made fun of Playboi Carti’s appearance and performance, Fivio being offbeat, and sent their regards to the sound engineer who might be without a job in the morning.

Check out the reactions below.