Social Media Celebrates Argentina's Thrilling World Cup Win


Argentina was four minutes away from being out the World Cup when Marcos Rojo scored a late goal against Nigeria that sent the score to 2-1 in Argentina’s favor. Suddenly, the team many had given up on was on to the round 16.

“A huge relief,” the team's star player Lionel Messi said later. “We knew it was going to be a difficult afternoon. We didn’t think we were going to suffer as much as we did.”

Messi wasn’t the only one who suffered. Here are a few images from those who died a thousand deaths during the match, and those who celebrated afterward. 


Ricardo Montaner, a devout Christian, posted a football field labeled with the “Our Father” prayer. It worked!

Maluma manager and Argentine Walter Kolm went for a “Vamos!”

During the Game:

You only had to watch retired Argentinean player Diego Maradona to know what was unfolding.


Check out the Titanic soundtrack: