Snoop Dogg's Latest 'Plizzanet Earth' Segment On 'Kimmel' Is a Must-Watch


You can have your David Attenborough, however in relation to really hype nature documentary narration, we'll take Snoop Dogg any day.    

The rapper was again on his zoological grind on Tuesday evening (Sept. 25) for the most recent version of "Plizzanet Earth" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, through which the Doggfather broke down an epic nocturnal wrestle between a bat and a scorpion.   

"Uh oh, Batman! That's a big-ass bat, too!" Snoop stated, breaking down the infrared footage in layman's phrases for the viewers. Describing how the bat was eyeing a possible scorpy snack, the rapper warned the flying mammal to watch out of the arachnid's vicious sting. "Watch out cuz, again up!" he stated. "Yeah, [just] cuz you large don't imply nothin' cuz it’s possible you’ll get hit!"     


The wrestle was actual, as the 2 warriors battled it out to Snoop's energetic play-by-play, ending with the sobering conservationist's mantra: "Bye bye bitch."    

Watch "Plizzanet Earth" under.