Snoop Dogg Smokes Out A Police Officer At 50 Cent’s Tycoon Pool Party: Watch


If you weren’t in attendance at 50 Cent‘s Tycoon Pool Party this weekend, you missed out on one of the hottest gatherings of the entire summer. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur had been hyping up the event for weeks and finally, all the debauchery took place yesterday. There has been plenty of social coverage of the pool festivities, including one moment where 50 Cent seemingly ordered security to keep Wendy Williams away from all the fun. Guests included Snoop Dogg, Casanova, and more but Uncle Snoop was one of the men that appeared to have the most fun. He hung out with content creator Darius Kinney in an attempt to go viral, smoking him out while he was dressed as a security guard. The rest was history. 

Snoop Dogg Smokes Out A Police Officer At 50 Cent's Tycoon Pool Party: Watch
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Snoop posted a video of himself enjoying a big blunt poolside when he passed it to the security guard on his right. At first, Kinney hesitated before taking a puff and realizing that this party is more valuable to him than his job. He proceeded to strip off his uniform, yelling “fuck this job” and “fuck the police” before taking a few extra drags. Of course, Kinney is not a real officer; he was simply in uniform for this social prank. With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, his fans are certainly used to these kinds of antics.

Peep the video below.