Snoop Dogg Says Jay Z “Really Loved” Nipsey Hussle: Watch


Later tonight, NFL Network will air a special piece they did with Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, where he sits down with Snoop Dogg to talk about the legend of Nipsey Hussle and the impact he had on their community. If you’re unaware, DeSean himself grew up in the same neighborhood as Nipsey (Crenshaw), and knew the rapper long before the fame. But before the special airs in full at 8PM EST, DeSean has gone ahead and shared a preview of the interview on his IG, and in it we see Snoop talking about Jay Z’s love for Nip.

Snoop tells a story about when Jay Z and him were at Nipsey’s Grammy party this past year, and we’re praising him for his successes. “Nip says I cant believe you and Jay Z are here for my thing. I said ‘cus you arrived.’ I said you arrived. That’s why here,” Snoop said.

Then, Snoop talked about Hov’s love for Nipsey, and how he reacted to the news of his passing. “Me and Jay Z were just talking. And we was like.. we was like praising him. Then I see Jay Z after Nip died. I seen him in Virginia and cuz held me so tight. He was like ‘man, we were just talking about Nip.’ He said ‘man, I really loved him.’ And the way he held me was like, it was different.” Snoop said.

“He really loved Nip. Certain people in life really touch you no matter what and his spirit was so beautiful and when I seen Jay Z & Beyonce at the funeral I knew he loved him.” Snoop added. 

Check out the interview preview (below).