Snoop Dogg Left Utterly Shook By "Game Of Thrones" Finale


Snoop Dogg has been riding with Game Of Thrones for a minute, so naturally, the Doggfather took a moment to catch up on the divisive finale. Given that everyone and their most tenuously-related cousin has an opinion on the epic saga’s conclusion, it’s surprising that Snoop managed to get through spoiler-free. On that note, spoilers for the Game Of Thrones finale will ensue, so if you’re uninitiated, be sure to tread lightly. 

That said, Snoop is displeased. So much so that he took to Instagram live during his initial viewing to express his disappointment with a specific plot development: the death of Daenerys Targaryen at the hands of her occasional nephew-with-benefits Jon Snow. Clearly, Snoop stood firmly behind team Targaryen, likely supporting Dany’s decision to bring “Fire and Blood” upon the people of King’s Landing. As such, his disgust with Jon Snow is nearly palpable.

“Bitch ass n***a done killed the queen, cuz,” reflects Snoop, shaking his head.  “I’m mad cuz. Burn his muthafuckin’ ass. Son of a fuckin’ bitch!” He signs off on a heated note, seeming simultaneously deflated and pissed off. “This n***a killed the queen cuz, mutherfucker!” It stands to reason that Snoop did not endorse Jon’s bittersweet fate, which found him riding off to experience a newfound life among the Free Folk. As Cersei once said all those years ago, “when you play the Game of Thones, you win or you die.”