Snoop Dogg Explains Why TDE Is a ‘Better Version’ Of Death Row Records


Snoop Dogg is singing a different tune when it comes to TDE comparisons with Death Row Records. Speaking on a panel at the REVOLT Summit in Los Angeles over the weekend (Oct. 27), Snoop had high praise for TDE's accomplishments and even said the label has surpassed Death Row. 

"I think y'all are a better version of Death Row Records," he said of Top Dawg Entertainment following the Death Row model. "Once you look and see somebody do it the right way, then see them do it the wrong way, then you get a chance to do it your own way. Then you're able to take the wrong out and do it the right way."

Back in 2013, the "Who Am I" rapper didn't feel that the pair of labels were too similar, but that Death Row paved the way for a TDE to exist over time. "TDE did it completely differently than Death Row did it. Death Row did it with a gangsta approach," Snoop told Vibe. "I don’t feel like TDE and Death Row are the same thing in any way. I feel like Death Row paved the way for TDE to do it in their own way so they can stay around for 20 years from now."

TDE president Punch was humbled by Snoop's words at the Summit. "Snoop Dogg sat on stage in a room full of ppl and said we (TDE) are a better version of Death Row Records. Humbled," he tweeted. 

Check out the clip below.