Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Redman, & Method Man Connect In Throwback Pic


Snoop Dogg‘s Instagram page has become a must-follow, if only for the Throwback content he’s developed a fondness for sharing. Today, the Doggfather is back with another one, this one harkening back to a simpler time where MTV reigned supreme. Looking to his time on MTV’s “Rock N’ Jock” series, Snoop shared an image of himself and his fellow teammates, who might have made for a historical rap-group in another universe. 

Holding it down for the “Stars” are none other than Dr. Dre, MLB All-Star Kenny Lofton, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, and Redman. “Throwback M. T. V. Rock n jock. L. B. C. 99,” writes Snoop, though he neglects to say if any studio sessions emerged as a result. Though Snoop has collaborated with both Redman and Method Man, Dr. Dre has never quite reached out to collaborate with neither one; of course, there was an unreleased Method Man track called “Take The Heat” that’s said to be produced by Dre, though it never came out in an official capacity.

Either way, it’s great to see so many legends holding it down in one picture. Much respect to Snoop for pulling this one from the vaults.