Snoop Dogg Delivers Gun Violence PSA To "Hard-Headed" President Trump


Snoop Dogg is a legend in the West Coast hip-hop scene, and he has become a must-follow on social media as well, sharing the funniest memes and videos on his pages. Snoop decided to get a little serious yesterday as he commented on the recent increase gun violence in schools in America, fering some suggestions to President Donald Trump, in case he checks out Snoop’s Instagram in his spare time. The usually funny and lovable Uncle Snoop came through with some very ble options for the government to consider, especially given that some them are already in place in some areas. 

Metal protectors are common in “hood schools” as Snoop says, something that Cardi B has also mentioned on her respective social media pages, so why are they not used as a security measure in all schools? Snoop goes on to say that the metal detectors are the reason “why you don’t hear about shootings at the ‘hood schools.'” He also suggested that, since there is an abundance law enforcement ficers that, according to Snoop, “do nothing but ride around and look for n—as to arrest”, why not place them in front the schools to protect the youth?

Snoop proceeds by saying that children are supposed to be safe at school and provisions should be taken against any type gun violence. His suggestions are directed straight to President Trump and “his hard-headed ass,” and who knows, with the amount media that Trump partakes in, he might have an eye on Snoop’s feed. Who knows? Watch the full video below.